• Description:

    If you’re searching for a filling and delicious packed lunch, then look no further. This meatball sandwich recipe is full of flavour and keeps well until the following day. Use fresh basil to really make the most of this meal, the herb is a tomato sauce’s best friend and is even better when it’s fresh. Feel free to try out different types of bread too - baguettes generally seem to be a winner, though slices of bread or regular rolls work equally well. Keep these in mind as a fun dinner idea for the whole family that your children will love, simply adjust the amount of ingredients accordingly. If you need one, click here for a great meatball recipe too.

  • Ingredients:

    4 slices bread
    2 tbsp. butter, softened and mixed with 1 tsp. garlic powder
    1 cup Cheddar cheese, grated
    8 meatballs, sliced

    ¼ cup tomato pasta sauce, warmed
    ¼ cup Parmesan cheese, grated
    Fresh basil

    Salt and pepper, to taste
    2 tbsp. olive oil

  • Method:

    1. Spread bread with garlic butter.
    2. Top each slice with Cheddar cheese.
    3. Heat olive oil in a frying pan over medium to low heat.
    4. Place bread in pan with cheese facing up.
    5. Allow the bread to brown and the cheese to melt (6–7 minutes).
    6. Remove grilled bread from pan.
    7. f your meatballs are cold, gently warm the slices in the pan, then move to another plate.
    8. On one slice of bread, carefully arrange the warm/hot meatball slices.
    9. Spoon tomato pasta sauce over the meatballs, then sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.
    10. Add a few ribbons of fresh basil, season with salt and pepper, then cover the sandwich with the top half of the bread.
    11. Firmly press the sandwich together. Place into sealable sandwich bags or a tin.